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Delux metal door model MV100
Deluxe metal door MV100 is a basic model in our offer. The doors are simple but have an elegant look, adaptable in any interior. Equipment: lock safe Mottura (three packed keys), two- piece handle, wide angle spy hole. The rod is metal dark grey, coated in the final color. The door leaf is metal, it's coated in patterned MDF and it's delivered into several designs: nut, wenge, bleached oak, thermo treated oak, gray oak, white oak (see Decors galery). The thickness of the door leaf is 78 mm. It's sealed, soundproof and thermally isolated. The weight of the door is about 90 kg, depending on dimension, not bigger than 100x210. It's very stable, steady, without changing in long term application. Condition: built-in in residential building, without atmospheric effects. Our recommendation is built-in doors in over 200 residential buildings, dozens of banks, companies and individual apartments.

1.The metal rod, the combination of the square tubular sections of iron profile is coated in the color of your choice, mark hue 8019-dark brown, mark hue 8014-brown, mark hue 9016-white
2. The door leaf, the metal construction of metal profiles and cold- rolled sheet 1,5 mm. The thickness of the door leaf is 78 mm.
The door leaf is sewed with a metal flashing with a planer tire, it's coated in the color of your choice. (mark hue 8019,8014,9016)
3. Linings: MDF 6mm with patterned melamine foil, the rings are vertical.
Designs colors: 1. Nut, 2. Dark Oak - Wenge, 3. Bleached Oak, 4. Thermo treated Oak, 5. Gray Oak, 6. White Oak
4. The sponge isolation 5 cm 5.
Lock safe MOTTURA 571, 3 packed keys
6. Door handles, Brialma Italian, two- parted aluminum
7. Wide angle spy hole, Securreme
8. Clutches 2 pieces
9. Hinges 2 pcs, fi 22x110cm
10. Dry installation, anchoring, 3+3 spots, welding, then setting the pur foam
11. Dimension till 100x210
12. Protection, the door leaf is protected on both sides with PVC foil, the rod is protected with a paper tape
13. The weight of door: about 90kg