DELUX d.o.o.
Delux metal door model MV13
Delux metal doors MV13 are maximum in our offer, they are distinguished with distinct elegance and comfort, through maximum level of security. The safe lock Mottura 787 double, provides flawless function and security from forced entry, and coded cylinder with wheel - butterfly enables easy locking. The doors are soundproof and thermally isolated, they own unique sealing system. The linings of the door, as well as the covered slats, are in the same design. Like a product in exploitation it is very stable, no change in long term application. Condition: built- in door in residential building, without atmospheric effects. Our recommendation is built- in doors in over 200 residential buildings, dozens of banks, companies and individual apartments.

1. The metal rod, it's coated from the inner side, it's lined with MDF patterned with melamine foil. Designs- Colors: 1. Wenge- mark hue 8019; 2. Nut- mark hue 8014; 3. White- mark hue 9016.
The planer tire is set on the rod, system for setting the lock, the metal threshold is coated.
2. The MDF doorsteps, that are patterned with melamine foil are set on the outer or inner side.
3. The metal door leaf, from cold-rolled sheet 1,5 mm profiled, with metal stiffening. The door leaf is sewed with metal plastified slats with planer tide.
4. The linings MDF 6 mm are patterned with melamine foil, the ring are vertical.
Designs colors: 1. Nut, 2. Dark Oak - Wenge, 3. Bleached Oak, 4. Thermo treated Oak, 5. Gray Oak, 6. White Oak
5. Isolation, sound isolation 2 cm, rock wool 4cm
6. The safe lock, Mottura oz 787, double, locks with 4 piles, 3 packed keys. Coded cylinder Multlock oz. 7x7 with a rowel, chrome matte, 3 packed keys.
7. The door handles, Arien Mira, chrome shine of solid brass
8. The spy hole, wide angle, Securemme.
9. Clutches 2 pieces
10. Hinges 2 pieces
11. Dry installation, anchoring, 3 + 3 spots, welding then setting the pur foam
12. The place of installation: outer side of the wall- doorstep is out; inner side of the wall- doorstep is in; in the middle of the wall- without doorstep.
13. Dimension till 100x210 cm
14. Protection, the door leaf is protected on both sides with PVC foil, the rod is protected with a paper tape.